Sep 27 2014

Bobbi’s Somerford Park residential camps
• Evening Day One
The first evening of camp is about getting to know Bobbi, her team and the other campers, the facilities and the activities you will be participating in and to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings.
• Evening Day Two
After the first days training you may have a cross country or show jumping course walk which we hope will help you and give you some insight into your up and coming challenges.
• Also
On occasion, we will introduce you to some of the specialists we have visiting the camps. This may include a demo or a short presentation.
• Food
Lovely home cooked evening meals are provided within the cost of the camp. Home cooked breakfast and lunch can be bought on site at the camp, so no worries about cooking!
• Great Fun
The evenings are lively, fun and a great way to get to know your fellow campers. You can reflect on your day’s activities, experiences and ponder the next day’s agenda whilst relaxing with like minded people.

• Camping

Hook up is available on request, most campers stay in their horseboxes, trailers or tents. There is a local B&b’s within twenty minutes of the camp but we suggest staying on site so not to miss out on all the fun!