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Date(s) - 10/06/19 - 12/06/19
All Day

Somerford Park




This Camp is now full – to be added to the wait list please email – info@bobbishorsecamp.co.uk

Somerford Park Statement 13th February 2019

Given the recent news regarding Equine Flu, Somerford Park are asking at the present time that ALL visiting horses or horses on livery HAVE VACCINATIONS WITHIN THE LAST 6 MONTHS

We have taken advice from our on-site Vets as well as the latest statement from the BEF. We have a large number of horses stabled at Somerford and have a duty of care to them.

Camp Price £230

Initial deposit of £90 is require to reserve your place! Places will not be confirmed or secured till a deposit has been paid!

Place will be allocated on a first come basis

Arrival Monday 6pm onwards

Please scroll down for Bobbi’s Horse Camp Terms and Conditions

Top professional trainers have been selected for their training skills, experience and expertise. They will not only be training you but be giving you help, advice and sharing their expertise with you. This is a fabulous opportunity too get all you can from these trainers, so make the most of them. This is an ideal chance to have all your questions answered.

ALSO RUNNING ALONG SIDE THIS CAMP  WILL BE  A NOVICE NERVOUS RIDERS SECTION – PLACES ARE LIMITED FOR THIS SECTION -You must be able to walk trot and canter comfortably on both reins in an outdoor school and open space to attend Camp .

At this camp we are running a section especially for nervous green riders and horses. This will be where if you are a novice or nervous rider and you want to take things at a slower pace this the section for you. You will have your hand held and be coached by the same trainer during the course of the camp in all your chosen disciplines. The trainer will guide you through your flat work building your confidence over poles and if wanted then progressing to SJ/ XC thus taking things at a slower pace


Fantastic training

Training in at least 2 of 3 disciplines

minimum 2 x 1hour lessons Saturday and Sunday

2 nights stabling


2 bales of shavings

Evening meals – Fabulous homemade real quality meals

Catering  on site for breakfast and lunches and those snacks Serving only the best produce proper butchers sausages/bacon etc Vegetarians selection too! Home made soups, jacket potatoes etc – not included

Free tea coffee and cordial during the duration of the camp

Camp field

Showering facilities

Kitchen facilities

Any lecture demos

Lots of fun!!!!!

Trainers Confirmed

Maxine Jagger

Jane Hussel

Nicola Sheard

Laura Rowe

Invite Trainers

Jane Houghton


Specialists Attending

Baileys Horse Feeds

Rosie Johnson – Holistic & Body Massage Practitioner – ITEC, City & Guilds, IHBC, CERT, ED

AMJ – Equine sports massage and rehabilitation

Now taking bookings

Please read the BHC Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
Places at camps clinics will not be confirmed until a deposit payment is received until this has happened you will not have a place at the camp/clinic
  1. Bobbi’s Horse Camp is not responsible for any accidents or injury to riders, spectators, animals or damage to vehicles or properties of any description, or any loss sustained by any person whilst at the camp venue.
  2. Camp delegates must follow the instructions of the officials of the camp at all times whilst in attendance at the Camp. Fees and any balances must be paid in full by the advised date. If not received by that date your deposit may be forfeited and your place lost.
  3. If you are lucky enough to be under 16 years of age, a guardian must accompany you. Children must be supervised at all times.
  4. Each horse must have a valid vaccination certificate, which undeniably relates to that horse, completed, signed and stamped on each line by a veterinary surgeon. The vaccination certificate must, under penalty of elimination, accompany the horse to Bobbi’s  Horse Camp and the rider is responsible for producing it on demand.
  5. Protective clothing must be worn at all times when around horses – i.e.: hard hats to EN1384 & PAS015 with chinstrap, boots and heels, long sleeves. Body protectors to British standards must also be worn.
  6. Riders must keep to designated horse areas.
  7. Any Bobbi’s Attendee violating camp rules and regulations or using or possessing drugs on or off premises during their stay will be expelled and barred from future camps and their fees and expenses will not be refunded. A camper who exhibits emotional, behavioural or psychological conditions, which are disruptive to the camp program or harmful to him/herself or other riders, may be dismissed with no refund of fee.
  8. Known kickers are requested to wear a red tail ribbon.
  9. Stallions are allowed if competently handled, identified by any means possible and adequately controlled and bitted.
  10. Trainers, specialists, presenters, caterers and riding schedules are subject to change at any time and without notice. In this event attendees will be notified as soon as practical.
  11. No smoking at any time in or around the stables, smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  12. Ensure that you and your horse have suitable insurance and third party liability insurance. The Bobbi’s Horse Camp waiver MUST be either completed on-line if available or signed and returned by post to prove that you take responsibility for your conduct and insurance. We recommend Bobbi’s attendees ensure they have adequate insurance against loss or illness as they would for any other holiday.
  13. Each horse is the responsibility of its owner and all the camp’s activities are at your own risk.
  14. Please respect the facilities we attend and leave no litter around
  15. Each training venue has its own terms and conditions, these must be adhered to, they will be displayed at the venue.
  16. Private use of any the schools (subject to availability) must be booked with the centre direct and therefore paid directly for its use
  17. The officials reserve the right to exclude any animal they consider to be a danger to spectators or other delegates.
  18. Ejection of attendance terms includes but is not limited to:
    • In any way cruel to a horse i.e.: excessive use of whip
    • Wilfully damages any property or fixtures
    • Deliberately deceives Bobbi’s
    • Who is excessively intoxicated or disruptive
    • By who’s conduct the good name of Bobbi’s may be brought into disrepute.
Somerford Park Farm, Cheshire – Specific Yard Rules:
  • Horses are not to be taken into the camp field and no mucking out of horse transport onto yard or field.
  • Stables are strictly not available until 6pm the first evening unless otherwise stated
  • Please ensure that you are accompanied if you use any horse facilities and be aware of other people using any courses.
  • No dogs are allowed
  • Do not enter private stables or stable blocks
Residential Camps:
  • On the last day of camp, stables must be mucked out completely leaving your stable empty and swept.
  • You are welcome to bag up and take any clean bedding home with you. If the facility’s stables are not left as you found them then a breakage and cleaning charge may apply to you directly. Refuse must be taken home with you.
  • Bring empty hay nets to the residential camps, as forage is provided – (it is not provided on day workshops).
  • Keep stable area swept and social areas clean and tidy.
  • Owners of horses that bite must come to camp with a sign to place on stable door to warn people.
  • Dogs are to be kept on a leash & under the owners control at all times. (nb: no dogs at Somerford & Whooley Lane Farm)
Cancellation Policy
Bobbi’s Horse camp reserves the right to cancel a camp at any time
 Deposits are none refundable if Bobbi’s Horse Camp have to cancel an event at short notice due to forces beyond our control. If a cancellation of a camp is out of Bobbi’s Horse Camp control due to adverse weather , or the centre cancelling etc reasonable refunds will be given minus an admin fee of £30 and transfers will also incurr the £30 admin fee.
Bobbi’s Horse Camp reserves the right to cancel an event at any time Eg If the weather conditions make it dangerous to carry on the event.Should we have to cancel an event once it has opened due to conditions out of our control no refunds will be given.
Deposits and balances must be paid by the declared date and payment must be made in full 5 weeks before the training event is attended. If not received by this date your deposit will be forfeited and your place offered to somebody else. Our expenses are fixed in advance based on a definite number of Bobbi’s attendees for a specified time, therefore there will be no rebates or deductions taken from any fees for entering late or leaving early.
In the event of a rider cancelling their place 8 – 6weeks  prior to the start date of the camp they will loose 50% of the deposit paid  and any pay pal charges will be deducted that Bobbi’s Horse Camp incurred when the payment was made. If the rider cancels within 5 weeks prior to the start date of the camp the full deposit paid will be forfeited
The balance payment for the camp is due on or before 5 weeks before the start date of the camp. If payment is not received by this date any monies paid and the booked place will be forfeited
In the event that a rider cannot attend any camp for medical or veterinary reasons, they can receive a 50% refund  of the monies paid provided the cancellation is done no later than 4weeks before the camp start date and proof of illness is provided through a doctors or vets note. 
If a rider cancels their place within 4weeks  of the camp start date  NO REFUND or transfers will be given. Cancelling within 4 weeks of the start date of the camp. If Bobbi’s horse Camp can sell their place the rider will receive a 50% refund of any monies paid.  If not all payments by the rider are forfeited.
Within the 4 weeks of the start date of the camp having a doctors or veterinary certificate not will not make a difference to the above.
Bobbi’s Horse Camp advises all riders to take out insurance to cover any such circumstances. You are responsible for your insurance cover not Bobbi’s Horse Camp.
You wouldn’t go on holiday without insurance!
Photographs and Video Footage
Photographs and  video/film footage may be taken at the training events we organise. We reserve the right to publish these images/footage unless you tell us not to.
Data protection
Data Protection Act 1998; By making as booking on a  camp and accepting our terms and conditions you accept and understand the information you have given will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. This information you have given may also be made available to other parties of concern and insurers in the event of an accident or injury. This will include sharing confidential medical information you have given to Bobbi’s Horse Camp. This information will be shared with our trainers at the events so they are fully aware of any previous injuries or risks. This will also apply to you horse that will be attending the camp with you.


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By ticking this box and making this booking you are agreeing to the above  Bobbi’s Horse Camp Terms and Conditions.

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